No surprises! 6 videos leaked that would reveal the best features of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Only two days after the official Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, information about what could be the best phone of the company today, the Mate 30 Pro, has been re-filtered. On this occasion 6 new videos have been published in (Chinese) that reveal 6 of the new functions and keys of this phone, so several of the rumors of recent weeks would be confirmed.

The “official” images of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Mate 30 and Mate 30 lite are filtered

Camera with circular design

Although this was one of the things that had been leaked for some time, and where just this weekend Evan Blass showed “press images” that show its circular camera module, the video makes it clear that one of the most important physical changes In the Mate 30 Pro is this new circular design.

Borderless display

Huawei has been reducing the edges of its phones every year. The latest leaked images even reveal that its curved screen will be so pronounced that the firm has had to remove the volume control button to replace it with gestures, so we could be talking about the most curved screen on a phone to date.

Super slow motion camera

Until today there are only phones capable of recording video at 960 fps, that is, slow motion video, however, the latest leaked information speaks of this phone being able to record video in super slow motion at 7860 fps, and This video could be the proof of that.

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Enhanced Night Mode

The night mode came with the Huawei P20, and from there the Chinese firm has done nothing but improve it, so the Mate 30 Pro should have the best night mode on a Huawei phone, and this video tells us that we will see news About it next Thursday.

Ultrafast load

With the P30 Huawei installed a fast charging system of 40W, an impressive figure that could certainly be repeated in this Mate 30 Pro, although other rumors also mention that perhaps this phone supports a much more powerful charge.

Outdoor gestures to use the phone

In the Huawei Developer Conference we saw that the Chinese firm had a technology to control a phone without touching it, and although it was not confirmed that we would see it in the Mate 30 Pro, this video indicates that it will be one of the novelties of the best phone of the firm China.

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