Nokia smartphones have been discontinued in many European countries

Behind HMD Global Nokia smartphones, in which the company is located, are out of sale in many European countries, as we mentioned in the title. removed.

The legendary name of the mobile phone world because Android cannot adapt to the transformation nokiais at the bottom of the smartphone market. The brand, which was hit hard by the Microsoft and Windows Phone mistake made at the time, is now under HMD Global. HMD Global has been releasing Android smartphones that haven’t received much attention to the market for a long time. Most of these phones are currently not available for purchase in Europe. It looks like a sales ban / barrier has come to the firm.

because HMD Global with VoiceAgeEVS There is a legal process between companies. As far as reported, HMD Global has used VoiceAgeEVS’s Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) technology, which is a VoLTE-based codec specific to Nokia phones, without licensing. For this reason, it is reported that the phones have been removed from sale for the time being, in line with the legal decision.

It is not yet known exactly when this situation will end or how it will result. Right now nokia Many phones from the brand are not available even in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Finland.

This is not a big problem for the end user. Users generally use their Android phone preferences from other brands. Nokia’s smartphones cannot stand out in any pen at the moment.

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