Nothing phone (1), a sturdy smartphone, but difficult to repair

Nothing phone 1 © © Christelle Perret for Clubic

the Nothing phone (1) has been talked about a lot since its release. However, on the repairability side, the device does not seem to be there.

A few days after its launch, we took control of the first phone from the Nothing brand. Without revolutionizing the market, it won over the editorial staff through its technical and pricing positioning. This week it’s the YouTube channel PBKReviews who tried to disassemble the smartphone to test its repairability.

A disassembly in pain

The design of this smartphone includes a rear glass that makes its components visible. It is reminiscent of the look of the Fairphone 3, which had made modularity and repairability its main assets.

PBKReviews is a YouTube channel specializing in disassembly and drop test of smartphones. Despite the tried-and-tested techniques and sharp tools of the chain’s experts, the dismantling of the Nothing phone (1) is painful. The back glass and the Glyph interface are removed quite easily, but for all the final hardware, the work becomes complicated.

Finally, and after having completely reassembled the phone, the chain gives an overall score of 3/10 to the disassembly of the device. To reach this conclusion, several criteria are taken into account such as the ease of replacing the screen, the battery or even obtaining spare parts.

For comparison, the same channel gave the Pixel 6a a score of 7/10. The Nothing phone is often compared to Google’s latest device, particularly because of its price positioning. It is clear that the issue of repairability plays rather in favor of the latest phone in the Pixel range.

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After the launch of the Phone (1) at the end of the Nothing: Return to Instinct conference held on July 12, 2022, we were able to test this model, which was supposed to revolutionize the smartphone market, for a few days. Is the Glyph interface really the big shake-up we’ve all been waiting for? This is likely to be debated!
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Sources: 91mobiles, PBKeviews

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