Nubank is single leader in the race for PIX key registration

Nubank is the financial institution that has obtained the most PIX keys since the registration period began on Monday, October 5th. Brazilian fintech already has around 8.1 million customer keys, almost a quarter of the total for the entire system, which totals 33.8 million so far.

The ranking released by the Central Bank (BC) still shows that more than half of the registered keys are concentrated in three fintechs, as Mercado Pago and PagSeguro appear, respectively, in second and third places.

The three institutions together received approximately 17.1 million registrations of PIX keys, from the beginning of the registration period, until the night of Wednesday (14). Coming well behind Nubank, Mercado Pago, second in the ranking, has 4.7 million entries, while PagSeguro, in third, registered 4.3 million keys.

Behind the three leading fintechs in the ranking are five large Brazilian banks, namely Bradesco, Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), Banco do Brasil, Itaú and Santander, occupying, respectively, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth places.

Ranking: the 20 institutions with the most registered keys

Currently, these are the 20 institutions that have the most PIX keys registered (values ​​have been rounded up):

  1. Nubank – 8.1 million
  2. Paid Market – 4.7 million
  3. PagSeguro – 4.3 million
  4. Bradesco – 3.7 million
  5. CEF -2.5 million
  6. Banco do Brasil – 2.1 million
  7. Itaú – 1.8 million
  8. Santander – 1.6 million
  9. PicPay – 1.1 million
  10. Inter – 889 thousand
  11. Original – 524 thousand
  12. C6 – 336 thousand
  13. Banrisul – 200 thousand
  14. Itaucard – 131 thousand
  15. BMG – 110 thousand
  16. Pan – 93 thousand
  17. SumUp – 86 thousand
  18. Digio – 50 thousand
  19. Agibank – 46 thousand
  20. Crop – 46 thousand
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As the absolute leader in the ranking, Nubank captured 23.9% of the total key registrations, 70% more than the number of registrations reached by the second place.

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