NVIDIA releases drivers for Ray Tracing on The Medium

Understand how the update of Ray Tracing drivers in The Medium will work, a great debut of the new generation of consoles

One of the best gaming technologies today will be in a major release of 2021. The Ray Tracing in The Medium, game that will be released next Thursday (28) both for Xbox Series X/S as for PCs Windows, will only work in the computer version. this will have drivers updated that enable technologies of the NVIDIA, resulting in an even better immersion. So, anyone who wants to enjoy the game on a PC Gamer can check it out. DLSS and Ray Tracing in The Medium different from consoles. Understand below how this will work.

What is the game about?

First of all, it’s worth a synopsis of the game. The Medium is of the third-person horror genre, where the player controls Marianne. The name “Medium” is related to the powers of the protagonist, who is a medium (that is, she can communicate with spirits), and will use her abilities to intersperse between the real world and the beyond.

The gameplay is quite reminiscent of certain horror titles like resident Evil and silent Hill, and even the drama heavy rain. You have a fixed camera instead of it “following” the character, floating. This pattern apparently only changes when you interact with an object, and then you see everything in first person.

With immersion potential at this level, the tense climate is guaranteed. In this way, we see how the developer Bloober Team opted to release it directly on current generation consoles (especially the Xbox Series X) and on powerful PCs, especially machines equipped with graphics cards from NVIDIA that support Ray Tracing.

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How will Ray Tracing work on The Medium?

Nvidia releases ray tracing drivers in the medium. Understand how the update of the ray tracing drivers in the medium will work, a great debut of the new generation of consoles

Since the game’s arrival on Thursday, it will have support for NVIDIA RTX, technology that (as a translation of the name) can trace light rays and display in real time how each surface will behave, depending on the texture and how it will look. is lit up. It also features DLSS, which uses the artificial intelligence of upscaling for best frames per second performance.

The application of Ray Tracing in The Medium it happens most clearly when you intersperse perspectives between characters, for example. Even though both dimensions follow the same basic architecture, you may see different surface illuminations and reflections. Nothing more practical to understand the application of Ray Tracing than a trailer of exclusive gameplay, right? Watch it below:

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In addition to Ray Tracing on The Medium, a recent release from NVIDIA during the tech event CES 2021, which happened a few days ago, was the video card GeForce RTX 3060. At the event, it was announced that they will be more than 70 laptops equipped with the GeForce RTX Series 30.

The GeForce RTX 3060, which starts at $329, succeeds the mid-range GPU 1060, being able to bring up to 10 times more Ray Tracing performance. In addition to Ray Tracing in The Medium, the card is compatible with technologies such as DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex (the latter, which decreases the control response delay). Watch below a video that compiles the technologies present in notebooks equipped with NVIDIA GPU:

The Medium will be released on Jan. 28, for PC (Steam and Epic) and for Xbox Series X and S, included in Game Pass, platform games subscription. So, what did you think of NVIDIA technologies in the game The Medium? Stay tuned to Showmetech for a post-release game review!

Frederic Montagnon

Source: NVIDIA | Future Game Releases

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