Nvidia tries to expedite purchase of ARM, but still awaits approval

Nvidia asked the antitrust agency of the European Union (EU), this Wednesday (8), for a guarantee to finalize the acquisition of ARM. The deal, announced in September last year for US$ 40 billion (more than R$ 200 billion at today’s price), is still awaiting approval from regulators.

As a statement from the company based in the United States, the transaction will be beneficial not only for the British brand, known for the production of processors, but also for the market. She also said that she hopes to resolve any concerns from authorities regarding possible harm to the technology industry.

Despite assurances given by Nvidia, reaffirming its commitment to keeping ARM as a neutral technology provider after the merger, the deal still leaves some companies worried. Among those who spoke out against the acquisition are the Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung.

MediaTek, Broadcom and Marvell, which are also clients of the company belonging to the Japanese multinational SoftBank, followed an opposite path. These companies say they are in favor of the sale agreement of one of the main brands in the semiconductor segment.

Decision may come out in October

According to Reuters, the European body responsible for antitrust investigations may release the merger between Nvidia and ARM in October, with or without concessions, after preliminary review. There is also the chance that the regulatory agency will decide to open an investigation, delaying the deal by another four months.

In August, the UK’s Competition Market Authority (CMA) said it was concerned about ARM’s proposed takeover. According to the regulator, there is a possibility that the sale could harm competitiveness in the technology market.

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The biggest fear is related to a possible limitation of access to the company’s intellectual property for competitors, affecting several sectors. The agency requested a deeper investigation of the deal.

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