Official promotional video for Xbox Series S with technical details has been released [İzle]

Xbox Series X will accompany the game console in the new generation Xbox Series S The official promotional video has been released, giving new details about the design and technical specifications.

xbox Series S It was officially launched recently. The console that will fight in the next generation with Xbox Series X, you know $299 at sale price 10 November It goes on sale abroad. The console, which is likely to be sold in Turkey in November, was purchased by the company. The tiniest Xbox ever made is introduced as. As you can see in the video above 60 percent smaller than Xbox Series X Despite this, the model brings next-generation performance. That’s all digital without disk drive It is announced that the console will be able to output 120 FPS in supported games. The model, which looks good for the Game Pass system, is now likened to a speaker with its design.

Previously revealed technical details for the Xbox Series S are as follows:

Series Sas it doesn’t focus on 4K gaming on the technical side A GPU with 4 teraflops of power carrying. 10GB GDDR6 RAM to game developers that come with 7.5GB of RAM The console, which is called giving the area, octa-core 7nm AMD Zen 2 processor taking. Directly 1440p make acting possible Navi RDNA 2.0 GPUThe new generation game console, which is reported to be owned by 512GB SSD is being used. While this capacity remains low for the new generation, the console Ray Tracing It should be noted that there is support. console games Can up to 4K resolution among the striking details.

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