Officially given a date for the new Nokia flagship

Behind HMD Global company in which nokiaworking on a new flagship and before the end of the phone year is coming.

nokia was on the agenda with the latest Huawei HarmonyOS news. In a recent leak Nokia X60 series is coming and instead of Android HarmonyOS using information was given.

However, this detail was later officially denied by the company. Accordingly, Nokia Android use will continue.

Now, there is an official statement made by the company. According to a senior executive of the company We meet the next Nokia flagship on November 11. In other words, we have a very long time ahead of us for the phone.

We don’t know anything about this flagship yet. However, the X60 series is coming from the company. According to the leaks, the X60 in the series is directly 6,000mAh installed on battery.

of this model It will have a 200-megapixel main camera signed by Samsung. It is also among the interesting information received. No other details for now Nokia X60 There is a possibility that the series will also include this aforementioned flagship.

Even directly to this phone X60 Pro can also be named. It is expected that solid information about these new phones will emerge in the future.

Does a flagship signed by Nokia have a chance in the market?

Frankly, it doesn’t look like much anymore. The company has gone way back and forgotten in the Android phone market.

Two years ago HMD Global The company, which became a strong player again with the support of the company, could not compete with its competitors for some reason and became a name that fell into silence all of a sudden.

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