OkCupid dating app leaked data from millions of users

The famous OkCupid dating app, with around five million active members, has leaked its users’ personal information. This flaw was discovered by a group of experts from the CyberNews website who, in a few tests, could easily map the last location ID of any user.

With this flaw, it was possible for anyone to locate where the user was logging in, potentially revealing their home or business address. The team was able to access this location data with MITM (man-in-the-middle) proxy processes, intercepting OkCupid app communications with the company’s servers.

By performing this process several times in a row, the team was able to accurately determine the user’s location within a radius of 10 to 20 meters. This was possible because this location was automatically updated while he was online.

CyberNews said it communicated to OkCupid about this security breach. However, the company did not respond stating whether it had corrected the problem or not. However, later analysis by CyberNews showed that ID tracking had been removed.

Despite this, it is not known how long this vulnerability has been active in the application or how many of the millions of users (mostly women) have been affected.

As part of their International Women’s Day survey, the CyberNews team found that 88% of women who use dating apps have ever been harassed, and more than 7 in 10 women fear being stalked by someone with whom are chatting online. Given this, this failure may have placed women who use OkCupid in embarrassing circumstances and even in risky situations.

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