Ommnio is born, the WhatsApp of the work groups

Many times bosses or colleagues use WhatsApp for work purposes, breaking the barrier between personal and professional and making it harder to respect certain limits.

In order to make this separation and ensure that workers’ rights are respected, it has emerged Ommnio, a messaging app designed specifically for work groups and for companies to communicate with employees who are out of the office or work remotely (deskless employees).

The application is installed on the personal mobile of the worker, but watch over your personal data and rest time, two issues that bring head to Human Resources departments, which are not very much for the work of using WhatsApp. Thus, employees can protect their privacy and disconnect.

From Infojobs to Ommnio

Ommnio She was born as a startup in January in Barcelona and is founded by Anna Quintero, former Marketing Director of the Infojobs employment portal, who left her consulting job to launch this new company.

The entrepreneur noticed an opportunity: with the entry of the GDPR companies they focused their efforts on data protection policy towards their clients, leaving employees often in second priority. In addition, he realized something more serious: there were hardly any digital communication tools for staff who do not work in the office.

“We are very happy with the first results and very motivated to bring this group to the 21st century,” Quintero said in a press release. “We are seeing a genuine interest of companies to connect all their staff and we are finally able to resolve the situation of lack of communication they suffer with their equipment.”

Honor Collaborates with Microsoft to Create -Based Devices Windows 10

Ommnio It is available for mobile devices, but it is also compatible with desktop screens. The cost varies depending on the number of employees each company has. In principle, there are different plans.

Ommnio is born, the WhatsApp of the work groups

Ommnio is born, the WhatsApp of the work groupsOmmnio is born, the WhatsApp of the work groups

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