On the way for Google Assistant: “Personalized speech recognition”

Internet giant Google, its smart digital assistant Google Assistant “personalized speech recognition” feature for is developing.

Google Assistant, It’s already pretty advanced, but Google is working on more. In this context, on the way personalized speech recognition According to the information learned from the current APK-based official codes will record your voice and store it on phones and using these records will become personal. It is stated that it will work better, stable and faster thanks to this optional process. assistant, If desired, it can start to give personal answers, not general ones, by recognizing people over time through voice recordings that can be deleted from the phones later on. well Google Assistant In the future, it may become personal to each individual. It is not yet known exactly when this new era will begin.

Google is also doing other work. For example, recently for Google’s Android operating system It turned out that it works to bring snoring and cough detection feature.. Here specifically focused on sleep The company will be able to detect whether people snore or cough in their sleep using the built-in microphone system of Android phones. Here, detailed data can be obtained by continuous listening.

Again, the features that are expected to be exclusive to Google’s Pixel phones are currently being actively tested among Google employees. These health properties, which are very useful for detecting many diseases as well as improving sleep quality, will be safe as far as it is reported. According to the statement, the recordings during sleep will remain in the phones and will be processed on the device instead of sending them to the servers.

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