On Vacation with Ex 6: Jessica Marisol talks about acting on the reality show

Since the 6th season of On Vacation with Former Brazil debuted, participant Jessica Marisol has been attacked by fans of the program through their social networks. In the first week, Jessica was “cancelled” because of her attitudes within the reality show. She also vented about representation.


Jessica Marisol, aged 30, avoided talking about the issues on social media as much as possible. However, she decided to respond to criticism, blaming the On Vacation with Ex 6 for only showing her involved in fights and with “her ass hanging out”.

She posted a sequence of stories in her Instagram talking about how frightened she was by the negative repercussions her participation had. “I created a lot of expectations, both when I received the invitation and when I left the house, and in the first episode I was really scared with all the repercussions, all that cancellation”.

Jessica talked about editing the program having harmed her participation. “I’m not the only thing there that has been shown on the small screen and that bothers me a lot. I really enjoyed my vacation, I’ve done a lot of cool stuff that isn’t being shown, which makes me think, ‘Wow, when I’m not in the middle of shit or my ass hanging out, I’m not interesting enough to be being shown while editing? ”, asked the participant.

“I was wondering if the invitation really was because I’m an interesting person for the program or if I’m just part of a black quota in the edition”, concluded Jessica.

On Vacation with Former Brazil there are new episodes every week on the MTV channel and streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Text written by Marcelo de Morais via Nexperts.

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