OnePlus phones receive PUBG Mobile at 90 Hz in advance

OnePlus has entered into a very peculiar partnership with the mobile game PUGB Mobile: for a month, the smartphones most powerful brands will be the only ones in the world to run the game with a frequency of 90 Hz.

The novelty will be available from today (6) for the OnePlus 8 and 7T cell phones, in addition to the OnePlus 7 Pro model. The temporary exclusivity will end on September 7, when the higher frequency will be released for devices made by other companies .

The temporary exclusivity of PUGB Mobile it holds globally, with the exception of China, Japan and South Korea. The countries are known for having a competitive landscape in the game, which possibly motivated Tencent to release the 90 Hz more widely.

The Chinese version of PUGB Mobile, that is called Game for Peace, already has support for 90 Hz screens. The game’s global editing, on the other hand, still only worked with the frame rate locked at 60 frames per second.

technical limits

The technical limitation of PUGB Mobile is linked with game optimization, as many Android devices have 90 Hz and 120 Hz screens these days. Games like Fortnite, for example, bring support for higher frequencies, but also have optimizations to ensure a smooth mobile experience.

To ensure a stable frame rate at 90Hz, Epic Games’ game slows down and crashes the quality of map textures. With this, users can enjoy a more fluid gameplay, but have to deal with the map rendered in poor quality at certain points.

As you can see in the image above, the settings for PUGB Mobile also recommend that the user lower the quality to ensure a better experience at 90 Hz. Apparently, the player can change the visual quality, but will have to deal with the device’s heating.

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