OnePlus shows off the design of the 10T – the device lacks a physical do not disturb switch

As usual, OnePlus has gradually revealed details about the new phone 10T. The Oppo brand has now shown off the entire mobile design in a trio of images.

The 10T will be OnePlus’ first top-of-the-line model without the physical do-not-disturb switch along the side – a practical design feature carried over from iPhones. Through the slider, it is easy to switch to silent mode and between different sound profiles, without even having to wake up the screen.

OnePlus chief designer Hope Liu gives an explanation, or excuse if you’re less friendly, why the slider was removed. Liu says the slider simply didn’t fit, as the space was needed for fast charging, battery capacity and a better antenna system.

The phone could have been made a touch thicker, but OnePlus chose to remove the slider instead. The component looks small from the outside but takes up 30 mm² internally, according to Liu. OnePlus has also confirmed that the screen is 6.7″ but does not reveal any other screen characteristics. 10T will be presented on August 3.

After OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, 9 Lite details are also on the agenda

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