OnePlus TV: Launch in September for India and then Europe

Many of us are anxious waiting for what OnePlus can offer us on your OnePlus TV, now we know when they will for India and later, although no date for Europe.

The OnePlus TV can be “watched” first in India

The fountain it is 100% reliable since it comes from Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus who published the following photo in the company’s forum.

OnePlus TV will arrive in India and Europe

According to GSMArena in his article, OnePlus will first present its TV in India because they have agreements with content generators from that Asian country.

In addition, remember that Pete Lau’s firm has excellent relations with this important market. For this reason, the Hindu market It is a priority for them.

But don’t despair that they will reach Europe and other continents later. The European continent is the second leading exponent of the firm, so it is not to imply that once the main trade agreements have been achieved, the machinery will be put in place to make it reach our continent, including Spain.

We do not know details about the OnePlus TV

In this case the leaks and rumors so far have not done their thing. We don’t know absolutely nothing on the appearance, features or functions that this new Smart TV will include.

Although the CEO of OnePlus guarantees that with it we will have the best image, audio and design experience on a Smart TV.

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Lau ensures «the best experience on a Smart TV» OxygenOS?

OnePlus TV: Launch in September for India and then Europe 3OxygenOS

Since it was announced that OnePlus planned to launch its own Smart TVs, many questions were raised.

One of them was the operating system that these Smart TVs would use.

Apparently we could be facing a device with Android and OxygenOS, But we are not entirely sure.

It would not be a bad idea make the OnePlus operating system even more known on devices other than smartphones.

OxygenOS is by far the best customization layer on Android, offering a truly unparalleled user experience.

Lau has also mentioned that other details about these new Smart TVs They will be revealed in the future.

How do you think OnePlus wants to revolutionize the Smart TV market?

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