OnePlus will join the Smart TV business with its OnePlus TV

Xiaomi It has its televisions for a long time, and is expected to arrive at the end of the year in Spain. Huawei he is following in the footsteps with his Honor sub-brand, and now he is Oneplus which wants to take advantage of its fame to launch its own smart TVs under the OnePlus TV brand.

A community representative confirmed the name in the official OnePlus forums and said “We believe that there is no other name that can better represent our value, vision and pride than to name it with our own brand“.

OnePlus will join the Smart TV business with its OnePlus TV 2

OnePlus has also introduced the OnePlus TV logo, which is a OnePlus logo with the word “TV” next to it. For this, the company will “inspired by the classical geometric progression, which can be seen in many forms of classical art, such as the ancient Hindu symbol, the mandala and the famous ancient Greek temple“.

The company announced its plans to enter the smart TV market in September 2018, but he hasn’t said much about it since then. However, now the company has revealed much more information to confirm its arrival on the market, and will do so using LED honeycombs with a size between 43 and 75 inches powered by the operating system Android. Some rumors say that these televisions will be launched in late September.

via: The Verge

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