OPPO once again showed the future with its phone concept

One of the names that did not step into the foldable phone market OPPO, however, is still working in the field. Here is the newly emerged concept;

OPPO The latest model, signed by us, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Adopting the vertically foldable structure, such as the one, and it made a sound with a patent that the company received. While this phone is a possibility for the near term, the company is now once again distant future made the show. The new credit card-sized phone of the company, which was unveiled as a concept like OPPO X 2021, is also foldable. This Japanese design studio Nendo phone designed in partnership with three points it can be folded. In this way, it can become quite small when closed and incredibly long when needed. concept phoneLooks really interesting. The device, which brings a 1.5-inch screen in the first opening and a 3.15-inch screen in the second opening, gives a 7-inch screen area when fully opened and also carries an integrated stylus pen support in OPPO’s dream. Of course when this phone will go on sale or whether it will actually go on sale. Unknown. You can watch the promotional video of the product right below.

The OPPO X 2021 model also really made a sound

Inno Day 2020 most notable of its effectiveness OPPO X 2021 named expandable smartphone concept had happened. To remember, this phone opens / grows sideways with its foldable flexible screen, so that it can significantly increase the screen area in seconds.

Of course in an OLED panel phone in full 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches can exit. The device, which does not have a fold, unlike foldable phones, according to OPPO’s description not going on sale anytime soon. For firm model “a short-term trade exit plan“He says they didn’t do it.

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