OPPO Quick Start: Access Apps from the Fingerprint Scanner

OPPO Quick Start

OPPO is a “relatively new” brand in Spain. Their smartphones are already fully implemented in our country, but there are users who do not know tricks their operating system, as well as operating systems from other manufacturers such as Xiaomi or Samsung.

Unlike MIUI, EMUI or Samsung One UI, to name just 3 of the most famous layers and settings, the Chinese brand’s smartphones work with coloros , a system very similar to OxygenOS. For this reason, there is a hidden trick in the software of both brands.

This meditation the trick allows you to use your fingerprint to access a range of applications like Once you unlock your device, you will change the way you use your mobile phone and make it easier to access your favorite phone content.

A new way to access your favorite apps

Both Oneplus and OPPO share this feature which basically allows we customize our favorite apps to access them from the same fingerprint sensor located on the screen. For example, we can customize the default music app to open, the camera, the notes app, and even make payments using NFC through our default app.

To complete it, we just need to unlock the smartphone using fingerprint and when we access the main screen, keep your finger down without lifting the screen for a second. Up to 5 default apps will appear on the panel, which we configured as default.

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Quick Launch Settings

Of course, if we don’t configure this feature from the settings menu, we won’t be able to use it. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is access Practical tools menu in OPPO or Utilities in OnePlus to find the aforementioned quick launch menu.

OPPO Quick Start: Access Apps from the Fingerprint Scanner 2

Now you will see a series default apps which you can change to your liking by clicking and moving them or adding new ones. If you choose the second option, you will be shown not only the various applications that you have installed on your mobile phone, but also direct access to their sections, such as private messages from Instagram, to a specific WhatsApp contact, etc.

After turning on, unlock the smartphone using your fingerprint and, without lifting your finger, wait for this menu to appear and select the desired shortcut without lifting your finger, simply scrolling the screen.

Is it compatible with all mobile phones?

This tool is present in all levels of OPPO and OnePlus customization since their update to Android 10. For this reason, it is present in all smartphones of both brands launched in the market last year, as long as they have an in-screen fingerprint sensor. …

wellas oppo lecturer

And this is if we do not have a fingerprint scanner and a smartphone with OxygenOS 10 or ColorOS 7.0 we will not be able to use this tool.

Alternative in the Play Store

Google was one of the first brands to add the ability to include shortcuts for certain functions or apps in their Google Pixels, but Google Pixel games soon mimicked something similar. To simulate fast launch on mobile devices that don’t have an in-screen fingerprint sensor, but want to quickly access their favorite apps, we have a free app like Fast fingerprint

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FingerPrint Quick Action

This application allows not only to configure direct access to the sections of the smartphone we need, but even to set different gestures to access one or another. You can long press to access the calculator, swipe quickly to launch WhatsApp, or use the rest of the gestures in the app.

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