OPPO, Xiaomi and Vivo they work on an “Airdrop for Android” capable of transmitting files via WiFi at 20MB / s

Although Google tries to unify all the functionalities of the mobile ecosystem that it controls under its operating system, many times it is the manufacturers themselves who start the war on their own developing standards and functionalities that, if they are efficient, end up being absorbed by Android itself, which definitely standardizes them.

It seems that the same thing will happen again with the sending of files wirelessly, which will receive new support from a Chinese front formed by Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo. The three manufacturers would be working on the development of a new Airdrop-style standard enjoyed by iOS users, and that would allow quite interesting file transfer speeds.

“Hello” for Bluetooth, “here you go” for WiFi


When we talk about OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi we talk about three of the biggest manufacturers in the mobile market right now. Two of them in the Top 5, the other, Vivo, always present in the Top 10. This is more than enough reason to take seriously any proposal that arises from the joint effort of the three companies, such as this future ‘Airdrop’ for Android Of which there is no name yet.

But there is some feature revealed, such as its speed. With the future standard, the phones could send files easily and through WiFi (maybe WiFi Direct, because it has not been revealed) files at about 20MB / s speed. It looks like, the initial pairing would be via Bluetooth and the transfer via WiFi. A joint effort of protocols, as well as of the companies that work in it.

Observing this future standard in which they work Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO can not help remembering the missing Android Beam, which used the NFC to make transfers. Although we must not forget that Android Q will incorporate a system called Fast Share that perhaps fulfills the same task as this standard of the Chinese side. We will see what happens in the future. For now we will be waiting to know more data, especially when it will be put into circulation. Looking forward to trying it.

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