Oral-B unveils new smart toothbrush with functional even stand unit

One of the leading names in the smart toothbrush market Oral-BDidn’t miss CES 2022 either. More than one new brush came from the company.

You can watch the promotional video at the top of the page. Oral-B iO10 smart toothbrush, It is among the most advanced options of the company. The product, which can connect with smartphones and display many data from there, distinguishes itself mainly with the charging unit that comes with it. This iOSense Charger The new charging unit named does not only undertake the task of charging the brush.

The newly developed charging unit carries a display within it, where it keeps time for the ideal brushing time. The stand, which also has lights, warns about hard brushing (with a red light) with these lights and informs people about all mouth / teeth cleaning coverage. Thanks to this stand, there is no need to use a phone while brushing.

It has eight different brushing / cleaning modes. Oral-B iO10 smart toothbrush The price has not yet been disclosed. In the meantime, the company has added to its product range within the scope of CES 2022. iO4 and iO5 Added lower level options. These products, which are priced under $100, have smart features and phone connectivity, as can be understood from the “iO” tag.

In addition to these, an interesting announcement came from Oral-B. Having established a partnership with Grin, the company has prepared a special apparatus for smartphones. This apparatus, which you see just below, attaches to the back of smartphones and allows people to take pictures of their teeth. These photos are reviewed by contracted experts so that they can be viewed remotely. can be done.

Realme Book, a first for its company and group, was introduced

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