Our first impressions of Gears 5

Over ten years ago Epic games gave the world one of the most beloved titles by users of Xbox, and of course we are talking about Gears of War

When he Xbox 360 began his walks, this video game came to be among the best worldwide, because in just 6 years the franchise managed to sell more than 19 million copies.

After three years of absence, the fifth installment returns full of improvements, a new protagonist and, of course, a lot of action, shots and blood.

First impressions

We have been able to play this new title and undoubtedly the femme power is something that is being present in all franchises, but in the video games the women protagonists have always been an absolute and total delight, since we have been able to see them empowered by attacking and shooting at Your enemies can no more.

However, Kait – our protagonist – is something else, it is a complete warrior who enters everything. And although we had already seen it in the fourth installment, give it a leading role in this video game, without a doubt, it puts it a step higher (and very deserved).

I honestly decided to choose this character to play, although you can choose the one that is your favorite or even if you have other content packs, you can play with Sarah Connor or the Halo Reach soldiers, not to mention that on September 15 you can release Batista incarnate to a kind of Marcus.

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Our first impressions of Gears 5 4

Game modes

Within Gears 5 we can find 5 game modes: Versus, Horde, Campaign, Escape and Map Maker.

The two I could play were Escape and Horde, and I must admit that they are very good; at all times you feel that someone follows in your footsteps, and as we know, we must complete the missions and kill our enemies to move on to a next block, but it is not until the Horde where you know the true terror.

In this modality, Horde, things get much more complicated, and when I tell you much more, I don’t lie, as you go along and complete hordes, more terrible creatures arrive to attack you, but suddenly the horrible Scion comes out and between you and your crew They must destroy it if you don’t want everything to end there.

In this part there was a great change compared to its predecessors, because you can no longer choose the same character twice, which is fine to give continuity and some realism to the game.

In the Map Maker, as the name implies, it is so that you can create obstacles, defenses and much more that we need to explore.

Our first impressions of Gears 5 5

Speed ​​and fluidity of the game

After three years since the last installment, this video game has greatly improved its characters, come on, they are not radical changes but they are noticeable.

You can also make improvements to your characters through credits that you acquire when you get rid of your enemies and something that if you have to keep in mind, is that the controls of the game have changed very slightly, because now the executions will be made with the B button of your control

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There were necessary changes in the game, they included freshness when adding a new protagonist and, as happened with the other installments, the dubbing in Spanish is very good.

Now we will have much larger campaigns, we can play with the Drone Jack so that it not only serves to open the doors or unlock certain things, but is already part of the game as a character.

The game is extremely entertaining and fun, it makes you feel excitement and gain from shooting every evil creature that appears in front of you.

Our first impressions of Gears 5 6

Remember that this game goes on sale this September 10, but if you have Xbox Game Pass, you can already find it available to play.

We share the last trailer that has come out to give you an idea of ​​how powerful Kait looks.

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