Parsec: what is the service and how it works

The pandemic has made it difficult to enjoy split-screen games with friends from the comfort of the couch, but there is software that lets you play any multiplayer offline while maintaining social distance. Called Parsec, the program uses remote access and game streaming to connect players as if they were in the same location.

What is Parsec?

The platform uses the same premises as remote access software, but has optimizations focused on games. So you can turn your computer into a game streaming hub and send gameplay to friends over the internet.

In addition to allowing other users to connect controls to your computer via the web, the platform supports high quality images, streaming at up to 240 frames per second and Parsec Arcade, to play with anyone in the world. And the best? It’s all free.

How to stream my screen with Parsec?

To use Parsec with friends, the owner of the game that will be broadcast needs to download the program to be the match server (host), while other users log in as guests (guest) via streaming. The tip is to choose the player with the best computer and internet connection to take on the role of host.

The game commander must download Parsec for free through the platform’s official website in order to transmit his screen to the other players. The program is available for Windows and Mac, and can be accessed after creating a free login with valid email.

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With the program installed, open Parsec on your PC, log in and click on “Share” option, below your computer icon. The software will generate a link and all people who receive the address will be able to access the screen remotely.

To end sharing via the link, just click on the red X that appears next to the address. All users connected to the session through sharing can be seen in the lower left corner of the interface.

By right-clicking on the user, you can check details such as connected peripherals and connection ping. The option can also be used to withdraw players, enough click “Kick”.

If the streaming quality is not good, click on the gear icon in the left menu and manage the session settings. The platform allows you to change streaming resolution and frame rate, select the hardware responsible for decoding and map connected control buttons.

How to access a Parsec session

To be the guest player of a Parsec session, enter the link sent by the owner of the computer being broadcast. The address can be opened directly in the browser or through the app, in a text field present in the lower right corner of the interface.

Another way to access someone else’s screen and game is by adding the user as a contact in Parsec. In this case, your friend’s computer will automatically appear when the broadcast starts openly.

In addition to working on the computer and directly in the browser, Parsec has an Android application. Regardless of the platform, the guests’ device doesn’t need to be powerful, just have internet access to receive gameplay.

The developers’ tip is to use a 5 gigahertz wired or Wi-Fi connection to ensure quality transmission. The ideal is to have at least 10 megabits per second from internet to receive streaming games and at least 30 Mbps to play the role of host of the match.

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To play with a controller, you just need to connect the wired or Bluetooth joystick to your device running Parsec. The program will automatically identify the accessory, which will be listed under the player name on the Parsec home screen and in the “Joypads” tab of the host settings.

What is Parsec Arcade?

In addition to allowing streaming between friends, Parsec has a function called Parsec Arcade. The tool allows you to play multiplayer games with anyone in the world for free.

By clicking on the Parsec Arcade tab, you will see several games being streamed by other users using the platform. You can join any session by clicking on the “Join” button in windows with open spaces.

If you want to share your gameplay with other Parsec users and receive players, just open a game on your PC and click on the game icon at the base of the platform interface, configure the number of slots and start streaming.

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