Partnership between former Apple design chief Jony Ive and Ferrari

In the past years, there has been a great surprise and Johnny Ive He announced that he would leave Apple. Ive sound this time in partnership with Ferrari brought.

Steve Jobs The name responsible for industrial designs, one of the most important names of the period and Apple Johnny Ivehad created a big surprise by announcing that he would leave Apple.

ive However, there will be those who know apple He did not completely sever ties with LoveForm Continuing on his way with his own design company named after Johnny Ive continues to produce designs for Apple, which has become its biggest customer with this company.

LoveForm The designer, who will have the chance to make designs for other companies with her, wants to continue the peak of her career and her talents in different fields.

In this context, once again ive and LoveForm, who signed the most special cars in the world Ferrari formed a partnership with

The extent of this partnership, which includes Marc Newson, is not yet fully known. But for Ive’s brand “luxury” It is stated that it will work on many products and that Ferrari will provide some support for its electric cars.

Johnny Ive It’s likely that Ferrari won’t design cars directly, but rather Ferrari’s. will focus on luxury accessories. no short here a long-term partnership Founding giants can do amazing things.

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Jony Ive reunited Ferrari was on the agenda with the news that he could be the CEO

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri He left his job last year due to personal reasons and many allegations came to light.

Italy-based sources are among the names mentioned for Ferrari’s new CEO. apple Financial Director Luca Maestri and Apple’s former head of design Johnny Ive He had also put forward rumors that he was in.

Former Vodafone CEO at that time Vittorio ColaoIt was among the incoming information that . Currently head of Ferrari as CEO John Elkann is located.

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