PatchFluent: Patch Management Software Windows

Many users are missing out on the ability to see and control every security patch that appears in an update Windowsas it gets more and more complex. At Microsoft, the operating system obliges us to always perform automatic updates on a mandatory basis, without the possibility of excluding some specific updates. Luckily, we have dedicated external tools to help us better control these updates.

PatchFluent: Patch Management Software Windows

PatchFluent is free and open source a program with which we can improve updates Windows 10. This application will allow us look and choose what service packs are available for download and installation. This is what we cannot achieve by default in Windows 10, because they are performed automatically, and we have no right to make decisions on them.

Thus, we have a tool thanks to which we can decide which patches we want to install or not … In this way, we can turn an automatic process into a completely personalized user task. This is what has already been done earlier in Windows and even pointed out what each service pack is for, so that you always stay up-to-date. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn off automatic updates in order to have maximum control over the update process.

Install Apps Windows 10 manually

Since it is a portable program, we only need to run its Patchfluent.exe file with administrator rights to run the application. An extremely simple and intuitive interface will appear quickly. It is a pity that it is not translated into Spanish, as it is only available in English. After starting the program will be search for updates immediately and if he finds any available he will show them to us in his interface.

PatchFluent Main Menu

We find a main menu with three columns, although the left column has no other purpose than a brief description of the program. At the top we find a box that says “Click here to turn off automatic updates on this device.” If we mark this it will help us disable automatic updates Windows … This is something that, although not required, helps to understand the meaning of using this program.

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PatchFluent Disables Automatic Updates Windows

If the application found new available update, we will see its reflection at the bottom along with another window that we can check if we want to install it. In this scenario, the program found a security update for Microsoft Defender. Antivirus KB2267602. If we click on it, in the left column we will see complete information about all its contents so that we can know what it is for and what it contains, so that we can finally decide if we want to install it.

PatchFluent update information

If we agree to install the update, click the box and then click the icon Install Updates button to start the download and update process. As we can see, this is a very useful program for downloading and installing updates. But at the moment we cannot use it to manage installed updates. This is something that the app looks forward to improving in later versions.

PatchFluent installation updates

Download PatchFluent free

PatchFlunet is completely free and open source software for Windows, which we can download from GitHub in our version 0.12.2 … This version has been available for twelve days, which demonstrates the developer’s commitment to maintain and maintain it. From GitHub we download a zip file that takes almost no 162 KBS and that we will have to unpack. After unpacking the zip file, we get the Patchfluent.exe file, which we will execute. Since this portable tool, it does not require any installation and furthermore allows you to run it from any external storage device. Thus, we can run it from a hard drive, flash drive or memory card.

Alternatives to PatchFluent

If you are looking for a tool to manage automatic updates Windows 10, but PatchFluent didn’t quite convince you, here are some alternatives to try:

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It is an advanced and secure software. It is intended to help us with Microsoft updates so that we can manage them as we see fit and not install them when the system indicates it. This way, we can have complete control over our PC and avoid forced updates when we don’t need it or we don’t want to. You can download ABC-Update completely free of charge from its Honest Sign website.

Update Windows 10 manually

It is a free open source application with which you can install updates Windows 10 manually. Thus, we will be the ones who decide which updates to install and when to install them. Each update we find has a checkbox as well as its description so that we know exactly what we are going to download. You can download Windows 10 Manual Update straight from GitHub.

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