Patent showing possible Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 design

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 model is actively on the table. The design of the phone may show itself in the company’s latest patent.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, It will be a remarkable option from Samsung’s three foldable phone models in 2021. The latest phone, which has a 120 Hz foldable AMOLED screen, is on the agenda. LetsGoDigital may adopt the following design directly, according to the patent found by This is not 100 percent certain of course, but this design is highly probable over the initial release. In addition, solid sources have stated that the new model will have a much larger screen than the first version. This screen, which looks much better in terms of usability, seems to not need to open the phone for many operations. The phone, which seems to carry a more complex hinge system than the first model, carries a quad camera behind it. The probable name of this model Galaxy Z Flip 2‘s are expected to carry thinner bezels at actual release.

What do we know about the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which will most likely come before the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2?

by design Galaxy Z Fold 2 The phone, which is thought to maintain the same structure as the iPhone, will also be the first Samsung model with an under-screen camera, according to Korea-based sources. to the market It won’t be the first regular phone to come out with an under-display camera Galaxy Z Fold 3, however, it will take on this “first title” on the foldable side. The model strength is precisely Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100 from the processors. The phone will sell for $1,999.

The newest phone to emulate the iPhone side: LeBest X14 Pro Max

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