Paying for more Google storage? [Undersökning]

Google offers 15GB of storage for free accounts. The space is shared between all Google services, such as Drive, Gmail and now also Photos. An exception is YouTube which allows unlimited video uploads.

Those who want can pay for more space in the cloud, for example to have space for general backups on Drive. Getting a total of 100GB costs SEK 190 per year, while 200GB costs SEK 290 per year.

A full 2TB costs SEK 999 a year. The highest possible storage space is 10TB, which costs a hefty SEK 499 a month. Now we are curious as to how many people have chosen to pay for increased Google space.

Are you a Google One subscriber, or planning to become one? Those who answer yes feel free to tell the amount of storage in the comments. Tips on competing cloud storage services are welcome.

Paying for more Google storage?

  • Yes (48%, 1,957 votes)
  • No (40%, 1,621 votes)
  • No, but will when Photos fills up (11%, 463 votes)

Number who voted: 4,041

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