Pernambucanas launches chip Without Cost and with free WhatsApp

Today, it’s hard to imagine our lives without cell phones around. Thanks to this small but powerful device, we can communicate with friends and relatives, as well as resort to various forms of entertainment. However, many cell phone functions may be limited without internet, and that’s why the smartphone has practically become synonymous with a connection to the big network.

So, to stay connected, you need to have a Mobile chip that offers benefits to consumers. Pernambucanas, a traditional retail chain operating nationwide, understands this and, for this reason, is launching a chip for mobile phones with a lot of advantages, which will be sold in the brand’s physical stores.

Benefits of Pernambucanas’ cell phone chip

Pernambucanas is bringing this news to help Brazilian consumers stay connected – and with quality. That’s why this chip has nationwide coverage and is compatible with the highest 4G signal from Brazil. In addition, Pernambucanas also guarantees that it offers an uncut internet service, in addition to the benefit of free whatsapp without discounting the franchise data.

Another interesting aspect of this new chip that is coming is the fact that it not be tied to any loyalty package, in other words, you do not need to be stuck with Pernambucanas for 6 or 12 months, and you can change operator at any time if you wish.

However, the company guarantees that this should not happen, especially due to the accumulation of benefits it will offer consumers who adhere to its chip. In addition, Pernambucanas also offers a wide variety of recharge options cell phone chip that fit in your pocket.

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Pernambucanas chip recharge options

Pernambucanas’ chip offers some recharge options and corresponding benefits. For all options, the template is prepaid and valid for 30 days.

  • Recharge of BRL 25 = 1.5 GB (500 MB bonus) + 60 min/SMS.
  • Recharge of BRL 30 = 2GB (1GB bonus) + 100 min/SMS.
  • Recharge of BRL 40 = 5GB (3GB bonus) + unlimited calling.
  • Recharge of BRL 50 = 9GB (6GB bonus) + unlimited calling.
  • Recharge of BRL 75 = 15GB (10GB bonus) + unlimited calling.

It is noteworthy that consumers who choose to carry out portability will still gain a 5GB bonus in first month of contract. The Pernambucanas chip, which will be sold exclusively in physical stores, does not charge roaming or extra fees, in addition to offering unlimited WhatsApp in all recharge options.

How to buy Pernambucanas’ cell phone chip?

At this first moment, you must go to a physical Pernambucanas store to purchase your cell phone chip. The cost will be BRL 40 reais and will already be loaded with the same amount – which means that the chip will have a zero cost to the consumer, which in theory would pay R$ 10 for the chip.

After that, just install the chip in your cell phone and start enjoying this service. If you don’t have a smartphone yet, you can take advantage of your visit to one of the Pernambucanas stores and buy a brand new device.


Did you like the news that Pernambucanas has prepared for you? So click here and check out more about this new feature!

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