Phil Spencer says there won't be an Xbox just for streaming!

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, shared a glimpse of the future with Project Scarlett at the Xbox E3 2019 Briefing at the Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live, Sunday, June 9, 2019 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Casey Rodgers / Invision for Xbox / AP Images)

Very recently, Phil Spencer has made it public that no new Streaming-focused consoles will be released. This is to answer to the much speculation that has been circulating over the Internet about the possible fact that we may have a Scarlett streaming only.

But after all, what statements were made by Phil Spencer?

Phil Spencer says there won't be an Xbox just for streaming! 2

The idea of ​​creating a second streaming-only Scarlett was soon discarded by Microsoft earlier this year. This is because, in fact, time is not enough for everything.

Incidentally, a few months ago, several rumors also surfaced on the Internet, suggesting the cancellation of one of the new generation Xbox Scarlett consoles. After several studios focused their efforts on the weaker console, it didn’t work out well for Microsoft, which aims to defeat PS5.

Here’s what Phil Spencer said about Xbox that should be for streaming only:

“Right now we are just focused on creating the new Scarlett, without even thinking about Streaming. Of course, of course, we will be laying the groundwork for players to be able to play from their smartphone. But then even creating a new console just targeted for it goes a long way. ”

Will the xCloud project succeed as intended?

Phil Spencer

This project has gained a lot of prominence during recent times. Because after all, it promises to be something big… But will it succeed as intended?

After its presentation at E3 2019, we learned that this project will allow all players to start a game on the console and finish it for example on the Smartphone. Which will be really fantastic.

Trello is off the air this Monday (20)

But given that we will have a Scarlett right in front of us, with possible graphics with 8K resolution. Who will need or want to play on the smartphone?

In short, we are still not sure what this will give. After all, Phil Spencer completely killed the hopes of those who thought two Scarlett’s would be released. But who knows if this will not happen in the future…

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