Phone with ambitious features Xiaomi “CAS” appeared

Xiaomi sub-brand redmi, recently came to the fore with a device codenamed Karna. Now directly from Xiaomi “CAS” on the agenda.

detailed CAS new code named Xiaomi The model is reportedly not signed by Samsung, interestingly enough. 108 megapixels with main camera and rear camera system 12x optical zoom full with 120x digital zoom can offer. Although the 120x digital zoom is unlikely to be useful, it manages to attract attention. Its power has not yet been introduced Snapdragon 775G The phone to receive from the processor, as can be understood from the “G” in this processor high gaming performance is on the way. The phone, which is not yet known how it will look, is Xiaomi’s Mi CC10 It is said that it may be included in the series. of this model july It is expected to be launched in May.

What do we know about Karna, signed by Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi?

5G reported to have support Redmi Karnaif the incoming information is correct 144 Hz refresh rate with a high probability OLED installed on the screen. In other words, the phone will bring a very fluent experience, its power is MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ It is claimed that it will receive from the processor. The smartphone, which will also stand out in terms of performance, is behind it. 64 megapixels It looks like it will carry the main camera. It is reported that this model will arrive in July. The price of a redmi The smartphone, which is thought to be suitable because it is suitable for use, is expected to appear soon with all its details.

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