Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville started as Founder's Edition [Notiz]

Image: EA

On 18 October 2019 appears with Plants vs.. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville the new shooter from PopCap. Already today players can buy and test the “Founder’s Edition” for a reduced price as a preliminary version. Until the release content will be released gradually. A new trailer clarifies the gameplay.

The Founder’s Edition will be available until 30th September for just under 30 Euros, which will cost you 10 Euros less than the full version that will follow six weeks later. For this, players first receive an unfinished version in which additional content is added at weekly intervals (see figure). In the end, the scope of the pre-release version should match the final game and progress already made should be taken over.

Weekly, the Founder's Edition receives new content Weekly Founder’s Edition gets new content (Image: EA)

Anyone who regularly logs in during the trial period will also receive “exclusive founder rewards“. Further details can be found in the FAQ of EA.

A taste of the new battles of the plants against zombies provides the official gameplay trailer.

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