PlayStation 5: Sony's console concept fascinates us

Recently, Sony has patented with the Brazilian authorities a device that may well be the PlayStation 5. Accompanying this patent, we have an illustration that may have revealed the design of the new Sony console.

In light of this, LetsGoDigital wasted no time creating its PlayStation 5 concept. What these images show us is something totally different from the look of the PS4.

Image: LetsGoDigital

What immediately catches our eye is its “V” cutout at the top of the console. While such a choice can be justified as a better ventilation system, it can still be seen as a reference to the fifth generation console.

Already on the front, we see the PlayStation logo, several buttons and even the slot for the introduction of game discs. We still have the indication of the presence of SSD disk, although it is very unlikely that this will happen in the real product.

Several indicators point to this really being the PlayStation 5

In addition to these being the traits in the Sony patent, we have a different source saying that this could be what PlayStation 5 looks like. That statement comes from a game developer.

PlayStation 5Image: LetsGoDigital

This bailed out of your account on Twitter to say that this is what the game development kit looks like for the new Sony console. While nothing guarantees us that the end product can have the same lines, it also guarantees nothing that it is not.

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PS5 due to be unveiled in February

Some days ago there was an indication that PlayStation 5 could be presented in February 2020. That’s when Sony will host PlayStation Meeting.

PlayStation 4 was also made official at this event in 2013. Therefore, it would make perfect sense for the Japanese company to follow suit with its successor.

From what is known so far, the PS5 will come with processor and graphics developed by AMD. In addition, SSD disks are expected to be included inside, which will give you faster data write and read speeds.

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