Pokémon GO: Heatran Raids Announced and New Gift Stickers

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Pokemon GO continues in full swing, adding improvements so players can have fun at home, without leaving their seat. In addition to minor changes, the mobile game is regularly updated, with new bonuses, missions and special events. Now it’s time for Sinnoh Heatran’s legendary Pokémon to return to raids, with the addition of gorgeous new stickers to send to friends.

The opportunity to capture the fire and steel giant — which can also be shiny — starts on August 21st, from 1pm, and continues until September 10th, also at 1pm. In addition to Heatran, new stickers were also announced to send as gifts to friends.

The game already had little monsters known as the initials of Kanto, but we will have the addition of several other stickers of new Pokemon, which can be purchased in the store or acquired during interaction with friends.

However, the news for the month of August and September does not end there. As usual, we’ll still have a community day with a featured Pokémon, which will be up for vote. August 25 is the last “pokemon hour”, with Geodude in the spotlight and a double stardust bonus per capture.

Pokemon GO, despite having lost strength after its first year on cell phones, it is still a game widely played around the world, even bringing a lot of financial return. And you, are you a former player who will give the mobile game a new chance, or are you still a hunter who stands firm?

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