Pokémon Masters is now available for Android and iOS

Pokémon Masters, a new Pokémon mobile game featuring trainers from various games and regions, is now available on Android and iOS devices. You can download it for free through Google Play or the App Store. You will need to link your Nintendo account in order to play, so if you have never played a Pokemon game before, you may need to create one.

Instead of collecting Pokemon and using them to create their dream team, Pokemon Masters focuses on meeting and recruiting trainers and their synchronized Pokémon to form teams of three. You can also play in cooperation with up to two other players from anywhere in the world.

Each trainer uses a specific Pokémon: Red uses Charizard, Blue uses Pidgeot, Misty uses Starmie, and so on. There are a total of 65 sync pairs to discover. Pokemon Masters is situated on the island of Pasio, which is loosely located “somewhere in the Pokemon world”, so trainers and Pokémon from all regions are a fair game.


“Players will also be able to earn up to 3,000 jewels, which can be used to add new sync pairs to their team and are enough for 10 sync pair scouts and other in-game items for a limited time, opening the game for the first time. instead logging in every day for up to 10 days and participating in launch celebration missions, ”said developer DeNA and The Pokemon Company in a joint statement.

Pokemon Masters also uses a new 3v3 battle format complete with flashy synchronized moves and unit attacks that boost the aspect of teamwork. Battles take place in real time, as opposed to the turn battles of most Pokemon games.

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Once your attack meter recharges – usually after a few seconds – you can trigger another attack immediately. Similarly, this is the first Pokemon game to feature real trainer moves.

That’s right, you are no longer just a potion vending machine and a trainer; You need to get in there and fight on your own. I mean more or less. You can’t shoot lightning through your eyebrows or something, but coaches play a more direct role in battle.

You can download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

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