Portable Processor: Appointment missing for Ice Lake and LPDDR4 for Comet Lake

Several laptops with Intel Ice Lake are now on the market. But the main Core i7-1068G7 with 28 Watt TDP and Ice Lake-Y is economical with 9 watts still missing. Intel has announced a new date for this. Also, it is now clear that Comet Lake-U requires a new step for LPDDR4X support.

Intel has this information related to the website Anandtech announced Therefore Core i7-1068G7, the fastest representative of the Ice Lake-U family, will be available to OEMs in Q1 2020. As a result, products available can be expected in Q2 2020 at most. .

Intel unveiled a processor alongside the 15-watt version in early August 2019, but it hasn’t hit the market until today. With four cores and eight threads like the Core i7-1065G7, the base clock is 2.3 GHz, which is one gigahertz higher, and the turbo also runs a little faster at 4.1 GHz. This looks at a TDP of 28 watts, while all other Ice Lake-Us are specified at 15 watts, but can also be operated at OEM request with a TDP limit of 25 watts and (with proper cooling) at higher average power.

Ice Lake-And finally had to hit the market

Intel also officially makes Ice Lake-Y with TDP 9. Watts were cut for the economy last summer. To date, however, there are no compact mobile computers on the market that use this family of CPUs.

Intel now expects the first Ice Lake-Y product to be available in the first half of 2020, which could also mean the second quarter of 2020.

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Portable Processor: Appointment missing for Ice Lake and LPDDR4 for Comet Lake 2

Comet Lake-U requires a new step for LPDDR4X

In addition to Ice Lake-U / Y, which is produced at 10nm, Comet Lake-U is also the core of Intel’s 10th generation laptop. Although Intel announced support for inexpensive and fast LPDDR4X RAM at market launch, Comet Lake-U has so far only been available in conjunction with LPDDR3 or DDR4.

how Anandtech Learn, the reason is that LPDDR4 will only support K1 that just came out of Lake Comet. Comet-U Lake is currently available, however it still uses step B0 without LPDDR4 support. Notebooks based on new revisions can be expected soon.

A good starting point for AMD Ryzen 4000 (Renoir)

In the end, AMD’s competitors can again take advantage of ongoing delays at Intel. After desktops and servers, this also attacks notebooks with the Ryzen 4000 for a major attack on Intel. The Ryzen 4000 based on the Renoir APU family is expected to be stronger in terms of CPU and GPU performance and is also LPDDR4X compatible. The first Ryzen 4000 laptop was unveiled at CES and is expected to hit retailers in February.

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