Post offices begin to register for Emergency Aid

As of this Monday (08), Post Offices will be able to register for Emergency Assistance. The measure is the result of a partnership signed between the Ministry of Citizenship and the Brazilian state-owned company with the aim of simplifying access to the benefit, especially for those who do not have a smartphone and/or internet access.

“There is an important portion of Brazilian society that is even more vulnerable and needs help to register,” said Onyx Lorenzoni in an official statement. The operations will be carried out by employees of the public company free of charge.

It will be necessary to go to a post office in any part of the country with:

  • document with a photo that has the mother’s name registered (RG, CNH, Work Card, etc.);
  • CPF number of the holder and of family members and/or other dependents;
  • bank details — for those who do not have it, you will be asked to open a digital social account at Caixa Econômica Federal.

service schedule

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, measures will be set to control the entry of people and distance levels during registration for Emergency Assistance. There will be a weekly schedule for attendance, organized according to the month of birth of the citizens.

  • Mondays: born in January or February
  • Tuesdays: born in March or April
  • Wednesdays: born in May or June
  • Thursdays: born in July, August or September
  • Fridays: born in October, November or December

According to an official note, candidates for Emergency Assistance will be able to follow the progress of the process in the company’s physical stores. This can be done after the deadline for completion of analysis by DataPrev, with the CPF and proof of the protocol delivered at the end of the service.

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It is important to emphasize that in these places there will be no payment of the benefit., whose operations remain under the responsibility of Caixa. Its release can also be monitored via telephone at number 121, in the program’s app, in addition to the websites of the Ministry of Citizenship and DataPrev.

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