PowerEgg X, versatile waterproof drone, webcam and camcorder

PowerEgg X: drone, camcorder and webcam

There is no doubt that DJI is the current king of the drone sector, and therefore many other manufacturers have to try to get attention with slightly different offerings. Its from PowerVision is one of them, although this time they have a reason and not only attracts the design section. This drone is much bigger in addition, it is also a video camera, and even a webcam.

PowerEgg X


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The first and really interesting use of this PowerEgg X is like a drone … This product, created by PowerVision, is designed in the shape of an egg, it is built for flight and offers a number of advantages not found in other similar products.

The first and perhaps most important for most use cases will be its waterproofness. Yes, if you drop it in the middle of the lake, you don’t have to worry about its integrity, because nothing will happen to it. Another thing is that you can return it, but the fact that water will not damage your electronics, as it would with other proposals.

Along with this feature, which will be appreciated by all users who usually fly their drones in difficult climatic conditions and situations. However, you don’t have to be satisfied with what has already been accomplished, there are other important details.

For beginners legs or arms are also folded like the latest DJI drones. This makes it easy to transport the product, which, among other things, is designed so that you can comfortably take it with you wherever you go. And even a landing gear to do it on the water, taking advantage of its drag.

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Besides being foldable, the drone weighs only 862 grams and includes a camera with 12 MP CMOS sensor and a 1 / 2.8 inch size that is capable of recording 4K and 60p content, which can be stored in the 6GB internal memory, which offers if the clip length is short, or on a micro SD card that can reach a maximum of 128GB.

Along with this, it includes an app that, as is often the case with many current camera offerings that help you film your daily life, is capable of fast editing from a mobile app to be able to quickly share content online.

Of course, use as a drone is not the only thing that PowerVision offers or allows.


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Thanks to a system that allows the arms to be detached from the propellers from drone body, this PowerEgg X can also be used as a video camera … Thus, the user can take advantage of the aforementioned camera and its three-axis stabilization system for more convenient hand-held image capture when they are in places where the drone cannot or simply does not want to fly.

This will avoid having to carry a second camera with you, which while it might be interesting as it is a mirrorless type with interchangeable lenses, large sensor size, etc. It is also true that in many cases additional weight is assumed depending on the type of camera. everyone’s needs are.

Also, if DJI drones have already had those who released recording accessories in their hands and held them as the gimbal of the brand’s Ronin series, why not do something similar with this PowerEgg X? We think this is a good way to take advantage of the product’s video capture capabilities.

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And if all of the above, use as a drone and a video camera, seemed a little to you, there is one more thing: you can also use this product as a webcam … All you have to do is attach a mini tripod, which the company also offers, to be able to place it in a much more comfortable position when you want to videoconference or even stream on platforms such as Twitch etc.

Together with software that offers compatibility with live streaming on platforms like YouTube, TikTok or integration with other services like Zoom, Skype, etc. (also supports Windows and Mac) it won’t be the cheapest webcam, but it will be good. a way to use a very specific sentence even more.

PowerEgg X, how much does it cost?

PowerEgg X is not exactly a new drone, it has been on the market for almost a year, but it is possible that not everyone knows about it due to the youth of the company itself. So, if you are interested in the device, you can already purchase it on the company’s website and its price ranges from $ 899 to $ 1249 depending on the version.

And there are three of them: PowerEgg X Explorer, PowerEgg X All-weather and PowerEgg X Wizard. So it all comes down to evaluating what interests you the most, depending on how you are going to use it. What about? Logically, it would be necessary to see how it behaves in such an important matter as flying, but otherwise it is true that in addition to its striking design (which resembles a drone for video games or companion robots in games like Half Life or Portal) , he is a proposal that offers more than the rest.

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