Pre-launch lock leak for Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

To be introduced tonight Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag For this, the expected leak has already arrived. In this way, the model was thoroughly detailed.

Samsung Galaxy Smart TagHe showed himself with his real body for the first time in the past few days. Now is Roland QuandtOfficial press images came from Designed in two different colors, the product is a Galaxy SmartTag Plus It also has version. However, it is still unknown what kind of difference this version brings. The normal model, on the other hand, is said to be fully equipped with a 220 mAh CR2032 battery. 280-day battery life offers. As you can see, the product does not consume any energy. Working on the basis of Bluetooth 5.0 LE Galaxy Smart Tag, It is at the center of the “Galaxy Find” network. It turns out that this product can be tracked using other Samsung phones, which looks really good. The secret participation of millions of Galaxy phones in the scanning process seems to be key in tracking and positioning. in Europe 15-20 euros 4×4 cm size, which will be sold at a price between Galaxy Smart Tag, It is IP63 certified and comes with a plastic body. It is reported that the tracking accessory, which is reported to be very light, will work with every Galaxy device with an operating system above Android 8.

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Here’s what’s known for Apple AirTags, which will come after the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

Accessory companies started to prepare and Apple’s iOS codes “never lose your daily items againThe product he defines by saying ”, puts its power in details in order to remember it. here we place U1 chip from the unit. The biggest benefit of the U1 chip unit is the Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology for this tracking accessory.

Also included in iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and new Apple Watch models UWB support, technically at the point of positioning Bluetooth LE and WiFiIt works much, much more sensitively than . The technology, which is stated to have reduced the positioning process of approximately 5 meters indoors to 5-10 cm, allows the communication between the two devices. measures the transfer time of radio waves and thus it can perform very precise position determination.

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