Price and features for Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro wireless headphones similar to AirPods Pro became clear

directly from the design point of view Apple AirPods Pro wireless headphone model that looks like Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro New details including price for there is.

The firm’s newest Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro, as we said before AirPods Pro is on the way with a similar design. The product, which is expected to be introduced very soon, is only available as reported. 73 dollars will have a selling price. In other words, the model that will be much cheaper than AirPods Pro, if it looks at the leaked technical specifications 100ms It transmits sound with a lower latency than its competitor and ANC well active noise canceling It comes with the feature. The model, which is not expected to be as good as AirPods Pro in terms of ANC, of ​​course. Bluetooth based on and LHDC with AAC Supports audio codecs. With wireless charging Mi Air 2 Pro, as reported normally without ANC 7 hours until, if ANC is on 5 hours It offers battery life. With the model’s charging chamber, this time to 28 hours up to be removed. This will be more than enough for many people.

Prior to Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro, Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones similar to AirPods Pro came

The product, which is still expected to go on sale in Turkey, is at the center of the company’s other new generation wearable products. Kirin A1 carries the processor and Bluetooth 5.2 is using a connection. like AirPods Pro ANC well active noise canceling coming with FreeBuds ProIt also carries a nice detail at this point. According to the official statement of the company, the ANC feature of the headset dynamic working as well Huawei FreeBuds Pro, It can automatically change the noise cancellation level continuously according to the environment. This looks really useful too. Of course, the noise in the office and the outside noise are not the same, and it looks nice that the headset can adjust the level itself here.

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