Problems with the microphone of your iPhone XR? Try this before going to the Technical Service


He iPhone XR It is one of the most sought after devices of Apple nowadays. It is precisely because of the arrival of the iPhone 11 and the drop in price it has experienced. The problems of the iPhone XR with the microphone do not new us, so you already have time with the device or you are a new owner, these are the tips you should follow to try fix it in case of failure.

There may be several cases in which the microphone of our iPhone XR seems not to work properly. It is likely that the sound of phone calls or FaceTime is not clear or that Siri does not detect our voice. It can also happen that let’s not hear an audio correctly that we have previously recorded. If everything is going well when playing music, the problem may come from the speaker itself.

Front and rear iPhone XR in various colors

Testing testing!…

To determine if the problem is in a microphone of the device and not in the mobile data connection or in the app you are using, we must Try each microphone separately. In the iPhone XR we have a microphone located in the front “notch” and at the bottom, attached to the Lightning port Before testing the microphones, we must make sure that the mobile is not connected to headphones (wired or wireless).

Main microphone

To test the main microphone, located at the bottom of the iPhone XR, we open the Voice Notes app and press the record icon. At that time we must speak into the microphone and press the play icon To listen to the recording. If all goes well we should be able to hear our voice clearly.

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iPhone XR micros

Front microphone

To test the front microphone, we open the Camera app and we recorded a video using the front camera. When we play the video, we should hear our voice clearly. In case the voice sounds very weak during a phone call, we must ensure that the rear microphone is not covered or obstructed.

Possible solutions

In the same way, in case Siri fails to hear us, we will have to make sure that the receiver and the front microphone on the top of your iPhone are not covered or dirty either. If everything remains the same, that is, we have the same problems once the previous tests have been carried out. We can try the following solutions to try to make the fault disappear.

  • Unplug the accessories and disconnect the Bluetooth headphones.
  • Be careful not to cover the main microphone with your fingers or the case while holding the device or recording video.
  • Remove screen protectors, protective films or covers that cover the main microphone or iPhone receiver.
  • Clean the dirt that may be in the microphones or the iPhone receiver.
  • Restart the device.
  • Ensure that we have the latest version of iOS.

If none of this results, visit the technical service It seems obliged to determine the origin of the error and proceed to the corresponding repair.

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