Production started for the 1,877 hp electric car Pininfarina Battista [Video]

Performance monster electric car Pininfarina Battista to be taken at the end of the expected step towards production for started.

One of the most powerful electric car models we’ve ever seen. Pininfarina Battista, it still hasn’t gone to the lucky people who bought it. However, this will eventually change. Because the company started to produce the first 150 examples of the vehicle introduced in 2019. The company, which started production based in Italy, took 10 weeks (Special edition 18 weeks) and consumes 1,250 hours of labor. Due to its nature, it does not have a large mass production line where robots are used like normal vehicles and offers many customization options. Batista, stands out with its technical details rather than its provocative design. The vehicle is fully loaded to pass over it. 1,877 horsepower generates power.

It has a torque of 2,300 nm. battistamaximum 350 km/h can accelerate. It can reach 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds. Pininfarina Battistaas explained 120 kW installed on battery. with this battery range of about 500 km found hyper electric car modelOf course, it’s not a cheap option.

The model’s full-length focus, which only focuses on the ultra-rich. A $2.25 million price tag exists. The most powerful electric sports car model produced in Italy. battista Multiple after-sales support packages will be offered for One of these packages will extend the vehicle’s battery and engine warranty up to 10 years.

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