Project Scarlett and PS5 would bring us closer to photorealism, according to Zelnick

It has not really shown much, but if we can be sure of anything about the new generation of consoles, it is that they will offer a good leap of visual quality.

So much so that Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two, has mentioned in an interview with CNBC that next-generation technology will bring us so close to photorealism that we will have to analyze to find the difference between the real and the digital.

Xbox Project Scarlett at the forefront

While acknowledging that not all titles will take advantage of this. He gives as an example the cartoon style of the Borderlands franchise.

That does not mean that we will do it in all our games, Borderlands for example, is and always will be an animated universe.

He also recognizes that this will be of great help in certain games, such as sports for example:

There is the promise of taking certain titles such as basketball, for example, and will have to be seen as a live match.

These statements are undoubtedly interesting and although they do not say something that we do not suppose, we cannot deny that to those who seek maximum visual performance, it makes us imagine what a WWE 2K would look like and games where realism is not sought.

Of course Xbox Project Scarlett will be there to make war.

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