Pros and cons of disabling Cortana in Windows 10

It is more than likely that many of you have already realized that the digital assistant market we are talking about has not stopped growing. We find them in a variety of devices belonging to various high-end technology companies. It is not for nothing that we are talking here about companies such as Apple, Google or Amazon , tech companies that wanted to rely on their own helpers.

Disconnecting Cortana in Windows 10

And of course Microsoft can’t be smaller, which is why Redmond has its own alternative to this type – Cortana. This is an element that we have found in various versions over the years. Windows 10. However, despite the efforts of Redmond, the master at first did not receive the desired recognition. This is why a significant proportion of hundreds of millions of operating systems end up deactivating functionality as such.

However, some people turn off Cortana on their computers at the same time. Windows, in order, in their opinion, to preserve PC Resources. It is about this topic that we will talk with you further, about whether it is possible to deactivate Cortana in Windows really helps us reduce the consumption of computer resources.

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Cortana consumes virtually no PC resources

First of all, we will tell you that the assistant included in the Windows 10, Cortana, practically does not consume PC resources. Therefore, if it is active in the Redmond operating system, we are unlikely to notice that it is running in the background there. This is why, if we think we are going to use this wizard in our day to day work with Windows , let’s leave it active without worrying about resource consumption.

Keep in mind that, as with the rest of the Windows 10, UWP apps . Cortana is perfectly adaptable to the system.

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Cortana can run on older computers

But of course, although not too much, running Cortana in the background does consume some PC resources. As you can imagine, if you have a somewhat outdated computer or a computer with disabilities, we will notice this. Therefore, at this stage, we may be interested in disconnecting Assistant Windows v to use this RAM for other tasks that we really need.

How to disable the assistant in Windows 10

Therefore, if we find ourselves in the aforementioned situation, we can deactivate Cortana so that it stops consuming PC resources. We can do this temporarily from the task manager itself Windows 10. Access to it using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc and find Cortana’s input. We right-click and complete the task. In the same way, on the “Start” tab of the same window, we can do voice assistant does not start with the operating system.

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