Protect your Kodi content and settings with this simple feature

Surely you already know what is in this market sector we can use many solutions. We find them free and paid, more or less complete, and some more affordable than others. In turn, when choosing a particular offer, we take into account several factors, although the amount of the majority will be enough to choose one of these options.

Protect your Kodi content and settings with this simple feature

One of the more complete solutions that we have been using for several years now is an open source software called Kodi. Here we are talking about a full-fledged multimedia center that seems to work independently of the operating system itself. This is what the program tries to expose both in its functions and in the user interface, although in reality it is not.

It is true that it offers us a large number of features that will be of immense help to us. And it must be borne in mind that we are not dealing with a simple content player, but it goes much further. From here and all this can be controlled by combining photographic elements , video, music, the television channels, programs, etc. All this through a unique and interesting user interface.

Activate the main media center lock

However, it is a program that can be used by almost anyone with access to a PC. It is for this reason that the team administrator must set a number of restrictions on access to certain sections. For this we have an integrated functionality in the multimedia center called main castle

bloqueo maestro cody

To access this element, we open the program and click on the gear located at the top of the main window. Then we click on the Interface section and in the left pane we already find the aforementioned main lock.

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Why do I need to activate this feature on Kodi

This is an extremely important element, especially on those computers that are accessible by several users. From here, we will be able to mark the various sections of the program, which can only be accessed with the password we specified. As you can imagine, this is a very useful security system if we do not want other users to have free access to some of the functions and content that we have saved in Cody

be aware that from this application we can create and manage our own content libraries. In addition, we find many functions to handle them, in addition to playing files what we have saved. Hence the importance of activating this function.

Locking elements with safety function

As we mentioned, there are several sections that we can control and block Kodi ownership by simply activating this feature. First of all, it should be noted that we have the ability to deny access to audio, video , images or programs window. As you can imagine, this means that other users cannot use our content without our password.

But for greater security, we can also independently block the browser built into the multimedia center or its settings. We can also deny access to complements or add-ons that we have installed.

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