Prototype Leaks Apple AirPower Looks So Complicated

The alleged leaked video of the AirPower prototype appears to have revealed the intricate design that is working on Apple for a recently unreleased wireless charging mat.

AirPower was supposed to launch in September 2017 alongside the iPhone X, but the project was canceled in March 2019 due to Apple says the wireless charging mat doesn’t live up to its standards. The device is rumored to have overheating issues, and if the disassembly video is real, that would explain why Apple encountered such a problem.

Reliable leaker Mr-White shared an image from the video, which was originally uploaded on the Chinese website Bilibili.

The video shows a layer inside the AirPower solid with a wireless charging coil, and another layer filled with chips. The complexity of the device’s internal design may have resulted in overheating issues which ultimately forced Apple to stop the project.

It remains unclear whether the alleged prototype in the demolition video is real, in the meantime the parties Apple has not released an official statement regarding the issue of this rumor.

Apple still working on AirPower

Apple is rumored to have continued development of the AirPower product, according to Jon Prosser’s account. Meanwhile, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is working on a smaller charging pad with a planned release in the first half of 2020, though that timeframe will obviously change if the device is genuine.

In June, Prosser said that Apple have found a way to make AirPower work with Apple Watch, because the charging system of the smartwatch is difficult to pair with iPhone and AirPods. However, it is still unclear when Apple will release AirPower, if the rumors are true.

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To better manage heat, power and charging current, it’s reported Apple placing its A11 chipset into a new wireless charging mat. The A11 Bionic chip is the flagship processor introduced in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X lineup, so it should deliver the required performance and capabilities Apple to manage complex charging systems. The goal of AirPower is to have the ability to wirelessly charge a charging device that is placed anywhere on a pedestal. Mats need to understand this and adapt to it, and that capability requires some serious processing power. This is an impressive solution to an arguably artificial problem Apple alone.

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