PS5: a notification now alerts the player when the PS5 version of a PS4 game is available

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Sony has decided to slightly revise its system for obtaining the next-gen version of a PS4 game on its playstation5. The process in question has gained in readability thanks to a small update.

If the interface of the PS5 is extremely pleasant to browse thanks to its fluidity and its rather refined design, it was unfortunately not always very clear when downloading a title. Going to the PlayStation Store, players tended to get the PS4 edition of a game without necessarily realizing that a better optimized PS5 version also existed.

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It’s finally easy to switch to the PS5 version

To correct the situation, Sony has decided to set up a notification which informs the user when a PS5 version is available for download for a PS4 game already installed on the system. This novelty was spotted by the insider Tidux on Twitter. She specifies that ” You are about to play the PS4 version of this game. Do you want to upgrade to the PS5 version? “.

Before that, you had to manually check in the game settings from the PS5 menu that such a change was possible. The clarity brought to this system is rather appreciable.

Source : Video Games Chronicle

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