PS5: accessibility issues concern people with disabilities

News of the limited compatibility DualShock 4 will have with the PlayStation 5 still garners mixed opinions among fans of the PlayStation brand. However, the group that showed the most dissatisfaction about the case were the disabled players, who felt forgotten by the lack of accessibility.

With much criticism of DualSense’s new technologies, especially for its weight and for being the only way to fully enjoy PS5 games, gamers are questioning Sony’s own social policies, especially at a time when so much talk about accessibility and democratic opportunities in the gaming world.

“Because of my disability, a PS4 controller is the ONLY controller I can hold comfortably enough to enjoy video games. At the moment, I don’t know if I’ll be able to play a PS5 game,” comments Joe Rivera, in his profile on Twitter.

According to the community of people with disabilities, years of adaptation and experimentation with peripherals were necessary to make it possible to play with more comfort and precision. Taking away all the technique accumulated since the origins of the PlayStation 4 and even before that, would be taking the opportunities of diverse players to immerse themselves in a new generation of consoles.

While Sony does not comment on DualSense’s affordability possibilities, the lack of perspective continues to worry disabled people, who are once again afraid of being left behind.

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