PS5: Sony reveals video of console being dismantled piece by piece

Since the reveal of its final look, the PS5’s design has raised doubts about its interior, with size comparisons between the Sony console and the Xbox Series X, with leaked footage of the production line indicating a giant video game. Today, the official PlayStation channel released a very complete video disassembling the system and revealing its architecture. Check out:

It’s 7 minutes of detailed explanations alongside Yasuhiro Ootori, the vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Hardware Design Division and Mechanical Design Department. Don’t forget to click on the video and turn on the subtitles as it is all in Japanese!

Yasuhiro disconnects the system piece by piece and reveals that the console measures about 38 centimeters high and just over 10 centimeters wide, which, according to him, guarantees a “drastic increase in performance”. See below, on Nibellion’s twitter, a thread highlighting the best photos of the presentation.

It’s also interesting to note the enormous ease with which the console’s outer white tabs are removed. As it is simple to remove the “hull” of the video game, it is easy to clean and dust off the console, and even improve your SSD. Fans and press are already speculating that Sony could take advantage of this convenience to sell different removable skins on PlayStation 5!

Now it’s very short to have the new video game in hand, since its launch is scheduled for November 19 in Brazil, where it will cost R$ 4,999 in the version with disc player or R$ 4,499 in the system without a player.

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