PS5 would have 11 Tflops GPU, less than Xbox Series X

Second new rumor posted on the online forum NeoGAF, the PlayStation 5 would feature an 11-teraflop GPU — losing in performance to the Xbox Series X with a slight difference.

Although Sony took the lead in announcing the console in late 2019 in an interview with WIRED, his silence in relation to the PlayStation 5 may have given an advantage to Microsoft, which, incidentally, has already revealed details about the new Xbox.

In the image below is coded text sent to the head of computer architecture at Sony and leader of the PS5 development team, Mark Cerny. Although the image doesn’t appear to have any useful information, forum users NeoGAF claim to have uncovered secret information.

According to them, the letter reveals that the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with 11.05 teraflops GPU and 52 computational units with a frequency of 1,743 MHz. On the other hand, as disclosed by Microsoft, the Xbox Series X will feature 12 teraflops on average.

If this rumor is confirmed, the difference between the two consoles will not even be noticeable in normal situations: a teraflop is only noticeable in exceptional situations, such as a sudden drop in frame rate.

Although Sony has yet to comment on the rumor in question, it is known that the console will continue to prioritize games and single player experiences, relying on a solid-state drive for storage — reducing loading time between screens. games drastically.

Also, according to previous rumors, the PS5 is expected to be released only in November or December and its specs are expected to be revealed between June and July. This means that, in any case, the company will have time to make up for this difference by making adjustments to its console or adding some new feature.

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