Quick, the price of the Denon DHT-S216 soundbar is at its lowest on Amazon!

Amazon continues its big back-to-school sale and you can find among all the products available an excellent soundbar on sale: the Denon DHT-S216.

Denon DHT-S216 © Denon

By connecting your Denon DHT-S216 soundbar you will be able to multiply the audio power of your TV and thus immerse yourself even more in all your content.

  • 100W output power
  • System 2.0
  • Support for Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS Virtual:X surround standards

The Denon DHT-S216 soundbar can be found on the Internet for €219 on its manufacturer’s website. But if you go through Amazon you can order it for only 151.99€.

Find the Denon DHT-S216 at €151.99 at Amazon

A general price drop for the Denon DHT-S216?

Since its release, as with all products, the Denon DHT-S216 has seen a price drop. But none of the scope of the one offered by Amazon today where you can order it for only 151.99€.

And if you are a Prime member you will also be able to receive it in 24 hours. Does the experience tempt you? There is a 30-day free trial on the site (if you’ve never been a customer) which also gives you access to Prime Video and Prime Gaming (among others).

A great little Denon 2.0 soundbar

Denon is a renowned brand for the quality of their audio processing on their devices, such as amplifiers or speakers. But this technology is also exported to sound bars like the Denon DHT-S216.

It is composed of 6 drivers for 2.0 sound with a maximum output power of 100W. It connects to your TV with a digital optical socket or an HDMI socket. Note that there is also a jack to connect another device.

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Moreover, one of the available HDMI sockets is ARC compatible. So if the corresponding port on your TV is free, you can control the sound from the soundbar directly with the TV remote control.

Finally, note that Bluetooth is also available to allow you to use the Denon DHT-S216 as a connected speaker. The sound will necessarily be of better quality than through the speaker of your smartphone.

Denon DHT-S216 © Denon

Find the Denon DHT-S216 at €151.99 at Amazon

Find the best soundbar for your TV

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