Quickly update your iPhone to iOS 14.4.2

A critical update is available for mobile devices fromApple. It fixes a currently exploited flaw and therefore needs to be installed as quickly as possible.

The new version of the operating system fixes a security bug that allows malicious hackers to take control of your device.

IOS and iPadOS versions 14.4.2 plug this loophole, which according to documentation fromApple, ” ” lately. It is therefore essential to update as quickly as possible. It has been available since March 26, 2021.

How to update?

  • Go to the Settings application,
  • Then in the “General” category,
  • And “Software update”.

If the update was not automatically installed, you should get an alert asking you to download the 200MB of data needed to fix the system.

The update process

Source: Numerama screenshot

If your mobile or tablet is not eligible for iOS 14, a patch has still been deployed in version 12.5.2. For the Apple Watch, it will be necessary to update to version 7.3.3 of the system.

If you haven’t already done so, also remember to activate automatic updates by going to the appropriate menu in the update parameters (“General” then “Software update” and “Automatic updates”) .

This security patch fixes the CVE-2021-1879 vulnerability which affects the Webkit engine in charge of displaying web pages on mobile devices Apple. The problem affects all browsers and not just Safari, so be sure to install the patch as soon as possible.

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